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Angsana Fuxian Lake

The Angsana Fuxian Lake (Yuxi Chengjiang Fuxianhu Yuechun Dujia Jiudian) is a holiday resort located on Lake Road in Chengjiang County, about 60 kilometers from Kunming, close to Fuxian Lake and Maotian Mountain. Established in 2010, the 3-story hotel features 81 guest rooms and suites, a health spa, 9 dining halls and boutique shops. Reminder.Distinguished guests, such as your reservation is for hotel rooms in the hotel receptionist ( main entrance 100 meters in front of the right ) for admission.If your reservation is for club rooms, please at the activity center ( white building downstairs Bridge Gallery ) check-in. Thank you for choosing the Angsana Fuxian Lake, and we look forward to your visit.